Silo score | site-specific and participative sound installation | format: a metallic silo, two contact microphones, a surface transducer and an audio workstation with voice effect chain

Sonic re-purpose of an abandoned space.“

Work description:

Silo score is an installation created during the workshop “Intimacy of the crowd — Fragility of the voice” led artist Hans Rosentröm. The aim of the artwork was to redesign the use of an abandoned silo into an ephemeral resonator. By installing a surface transducer on this infrastructure, the audience was invited to use one of the two available contact microphones to project their voice into the internal structure of the building. People were also allowed to wander inside and outside of the silo to listen to its acoustic properties, a free walk that was offering different perspectives of the polyphony in progress. The amplified activation of the site intended to work as bonding agent between the audience and the silo, instilling a reflection about the notion of ruin and how participatory performance can unfold new narratives for abandoned buildings.



August 2022, Silo score was exhibited at Wüsten-Buccholz (DE), part of “Voice as Object, Object (h)as Voice”, a series of public events organised by Field Kitchen Academy and curated by Ece Pazarbasi.