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La Tourbière (Raised Bog) | Short Film (26min02) | Director: Brieuc Schieb

“A raw sound approach for a movie with a multiform image identity”

Synopsis: Uzec, Baptiste and Leo kill time in Douarnenez, the city where they grew up. This time last year, their friend Jordan drowned in his SpongeBob costume at the annual carnival. While celebrations are happening again, strange events take place.

La Tourbière (Raised Bog) is a cross-genre film that oscillates between documentary and fiction. Blending various image styles, the film follows one listless day in the life of Uzec, Baptiste and Leo, using DV PAL and smartphone cameras. This low-fi image situates the film in its 2000s setting and gives a more intimate glimpse at the lives of the three teenagers.

Maintaining continuity with the film’s low image quality was the key element of  audio post-production. During mixing and editing, it was crucial to strike a balance between the raw, authentic nature of recorded dialogue and the aesthetic texture of additional, produced sound. An accentuation of voices, through subtle over-mixing, actions, with exaggerated foleys, and place, thanks to surround sound field recordings (Double MS), combine to heighten the immersive quality of the film and give it its “rough around the edges” feel. This perfectly complements the decision to shoot in DV and use a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Sound recording: Thibault Clerc and Guilhem Domercq

Sound editing and sound design: Mathias Arrignon and Thibault Clerc

Re-recording mixing: Mathias Arrignon