Sands of time | Soundscape composition (10min01) / collaborative sound work with Gong Zixiao | format: stereo

Sands of time is a collaborative sound work with Chinese sound artist Gong Zixiao during the art writing workshop led by Dr David Mollin at the London College of Communication.

This collaboration had to get us involved in the use of writing and sound as a process of materialisation of an artwork that fails to materialise, living perpetually within discourse production.

Sands of time is the junction point between two existing artworks, the Longplayer by Jem Finer and Cymactics by Nigel Stanford. This sonic assemblage proposes an enhanced listening of the deep time where the sound seems to become tangible for the eyes.

Sands of times was broadcast on Resonance FM for the radio program The Sound of Criticism on February 23rd 2021:…f-consciousness/